The Problem

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The Problem

The economy has transformed. Your customers have transformed. The question: Has your business transformed to meet the needs of customers in the New Economic Era?

We are no longer in the Production Driven Economy, Service Driven Economy, Sales Driven Economy, or Marketing Driven Economy! Yet most businesses continue to act as if we were! Your current business model may be doing more to upset your customers than satisfy them.

The new economy is called "The Experience Economy"! In the Experience Economy you must be customer focused. Most businesses aren't! Customers today demand value and good experiences. Fail to meet their perceptions of value and watch them leave negatively impacting revenues and adding to the cost of customer aquisition. Satisfied customers repeat often and refer others positively impacting revenues reducing your marketing costs and increasing profits.

The easiest way to increase revenues in The Experience Economy is to increase customer satisfaction.

Why you need SureVista

SureVista Solutions has developed a new business tool to help firms become Customer Focused and Customer Driven. Our new business analytics tool will show you how you are performing and what is most important to your customers. Armed with this information, we can provide you with an actionable plan to increase satisfaction and value to your customers. This is what drives customer loyalty in today's customer driven experience economy.

SureVista Solutions is a Business Analytics and Market Research Firm that has been conducting customer satisfaction research for more than 12 years. Experts in Customer Satisfaction Research and Business Strategy, we can provide you with the customer intelligence and business analytics you need to improve your business through the eyes of your customers and maximize your repeat and referral revenues!

If you derive a substantial amount of revenue from repeat and referral customers, then SureVista Solutions' Business Analytics Tool could be your #1 Marketing Program!

Services we offer:

  • Customer Satisfaction Research Reports
  • Performance Measurement
  • Benchmarking & Year to Year Comparables
  • Portfolio Analysis and Comparables
  • Customer Problem Analysis
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Business Diagnostics - Performance Importance Analysis
  • Improving Employee Culture and Commitment
  • Custom Research
  • Actionable Planning and Performance Coaching